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March 2, 2017

Ok, I wanted to include a message about emailing information securely. It will probably never matter, but the information we email to each other is sensitive in nature. Obviously, the best way to get me that information is to walk in and hand it to me. However, that isn’t necessarily the most efficient way. There are a couple of additional ways you can get me the information and remain in the 21st century! If any of you use cloud storage such as drop box or google drive, simply store your information there and share that file with me. Not very difficult. I can then transfer that information securely to my office. Another method is to use a software such as PDF escape. Click HERE for that link.

If you are doing any amount of scanning and emailing of personal information, then you really need to invest in software which will allow you to encrypt those transmissions and add a layer of protection. I am by no means a digital transmissions expert, but I believe that most of our security concerns lie in the risk that we are hacked by a phishing scheme and our computer contents are put at risk. I don’t necessarily believe that we are at high risk of having transmission intercepted. But… Why risk it. I will send out a note later addressing how we should encrypt our hard drives and make other efforts to secure data. I know that I have clients who are more versed in this area than I am and perhaps I can get their input and opinions to share with you all as well.


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